Fun Facts You May Not Know About Cumberland Pass, Colorado

So many wonders to see here in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado. With an elevation of 12,015, it’s not as tall as Pikes Peak but still a wonder to behold. The pass usually opens before Memorial Day and  closes when the first snowfall lands. Cumberland Pass is located between Pitkin and Tin Cup. The pass itself was constructed in 1882 to connect Tincup to Pitkin and the Denver South Park and Pacific Railroad.Rocky Mountains- Mt. Daly

The Pass climbs through beautiful forested scenery of pine. The dirt road is generally smooth with some bumpy areas so be mindful. Today, dozens of mining sites sprinkle the mountainsides,  Bon Ton mine. Tucked just below the summit on the way down to Pitkin, and ringed by steep mountain cliffs, the Bon Ton is a great place to stop and do a little exploring, or have a bite to eat in nature.

On the drive down to Pitkin, watch the mountain stream carefully. Busy beavers have dammed the creek in many places and you can occasionally catch site of wood workers. These beaver ponds also happen to be great places to fish for trout.